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Winter Specials

It is that time of year when Mice are looking for a warm place to spend the winter! Here are some simple rodent control tips to help keep unwanted tenants out of your home this winter! Fortunately, there are many ways homeowners can proactively prevent and get rid of rodent infestations in their homes:

1. Install door sweeps on exterior doors and repair damaged screens.
2. Screen vents and openings to chimneys.
3. Seal cracks and holes on the outside of the home, including areas where utilities and pipes enter the home, using caulk, steel wool or a combination of both.
4. Store food in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly.
4. Keep attics, basements and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry.
5. Replace loose mortar and weather stripping around the basement foundation and windows.
6. Eliminate all moisture sites, including leaking pipes and clogged drains that provide the perfect breeding site for pests.
Inspect items such as boxes, grocery bags and other packages brought into the home.
7. Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and keep shrubbery trimmed and cut back from the house.

If you suspect a pest infestation in your home, contact a licensed pest professional to inspect and treat the pest problem.

If you spot evidence of a rodent infestation, do not hesitate to act to handle the problem. Rodents are known to reproduce quickly, and a small problem can turn into a big issue overnight if left untreated