Fall Barrier Protection Starts Today

Will you have unwanted guests in your home this winter?

Importance of Fall Barrier Protection

Cluster flies, Boxelder Beetles, and Stink Bugs are nuisance seasonal pests. When cold weather approaches, they search for protected areas for over-wintering.  They gather on roofs of buildings, wall corners, cracks, crevices, weather stripping on windows, under clothing in closets, under curtains, behind pictures and furniture, etc.  They also may leave their hiding areas and appear on sunny warm days in the winter.  These insects do not cause damage or bite but we still do not want them in our homes!

Gannon Pest Control will apply an insecticide to the exterior of your home or business to prevent these insects from taking up residence with you for the winter.  Fall Barrier treatments are most effective when applied between August 15th and September 15th. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Fall Barrier Treatment can get your windows dirty.  We are not responsible for the cleaning of windows due to the product getting on the windows.  

Fall Barrier Treatments do not keep the bugs off of your home.  This treatment is concentrated around windows, doors, vents, etc. to keep the pests from spending the winter inside your home.  On average, the Fall Barrier Treatment can reduce the number of insects taking up residence in your home by approximately 95%.

If you have not scheduled your fall treatment for this year, please call us today at 315-454-8672 or email us at [email protected] or sign up online at our sign up page.

Summer 2022 Newsletter

Yellow Jackets

We get many calls this time of year from customers who have what looks like a stain on their wall or ceiling. The “stain” is actually the last remaining layers of sheetrock that Yellow Jackets have chewed. This is also the last step before they break through the wall and end up in your house!  If you see bees going in a hole on the outside of your home, do not try to treat it yourself and DO NOT plug the hole. Give us a call to ensure that you do not push the bees right into your living space.

Honey Bees 

When you see a large congregation of bees going in a hole or a crack in your home, this is usually honey bees.  They are also “fuzzier” than a yellow jacket.  Do not try to spray these and call a beekeeper.  A beekeeper will preserve the queen and the hive.  You can call us for a list of beekeepers or click the link below for more information.

Syracuse Beekeepers 


Bees & Yellow Jackets flying around your yard!

Often, when you have a lot of flowers around your home, you will find big bumble bees buzzing around them collecting pollen.  These bumble bees will not harm you, your children or your pets (just ask Jennifer’s dog who loves to chase them!).  The pollinating that they are doing is essential to our environment and we want to leave them to it. If you want to plant things that do not attract bees, check out this article.  You can also call our favorite local experts at Sollecito Landscaping Nursery for some recommendations & help as well.

Another issue that we receive many calls about are bees flying around your pool or deck area when you are trying to enjoy a meal or snack. Just like humans, bees, yellow jackets & wasps need to hydrate and your pool is just a huge drink of water to them.  Don’t panic, let them go by and continue on your fun and, most of the time, they will leave you alone.  Now, the lemonade and food that you may have out is a definite attractant, especially for yellow jackets.  Keep things covered, spills cleaned up and the trash cleared regularly to minimize their invasion into your happy space. 

If you do see more than a couple of yellow jackets or wasps flying around, particularly if they are lingering in a specific area, please call us right away. If you are a Bee Prevention customer, this is covered under your warranty.  If you are not, you probably will be next year.