Fall Barrier Protection Starts Today

Will you have unwanted guests in your home this winter?

Importance of Fall Barrier Protection

Cluster flies, Boxelder Beetles, and Stink Bugs are nuisance seasonal pests. When cold weather approaches, they search for protected areas for over-wintering.  They gather on roofs of buildings, wall corners, cracks, crevices, weather stripping on windows, under clothing in closets, under curtains, behind pictures and furniture, etc.  They also may leave their hiding areas and appear on sunny warm days in the winter.  These insects do not cause damage or bite but we still do not want them in our homes!

Gannon Pest Control will apply an insecticide to the exterior of your home or business to prevent these insects from taking up residence with you for the winter.  Fall Barrier treatments are most effective when applied between August 15th and September 15th. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Fall Barrier Treatment can get your windows dirty.  We are not responsible for the cleaning of windows due to the product getting on the windows.  

Fall Barrier Treatments do not keep the bugs off of your home.  This treatment is concentrated around windows, doors, vents, etc. to keep the pests from spending the winter inside your home.  On average, the Fall Barrier Treatment can reduce the number of insects taking up residence in your home by approximately 95%.

If you have not scheduled your fall treatment for this year, please call us today at 315-454-8672 or email us at [email protected] or sign up online at our sign up page.