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Gannon Pest Control helps stop the bees!

Schedule your bee preventative treatment and enjoy a fun-filled, nest free summer!

The best time to have the Bee Preventative treatment is between April 15th and June 15th (before the bees really start building their new homes!)

Gannon’s Bee Preventive Treatment WILL:

  • Prevent NEW nests on home, deck and other treated areas
  • Treat your house, garage, attached deck, shed, exterior light fixtures, mailbox and immediate fencing.
  • Be guaranteed through the FIRST SNOWFALL


Gannon’s Bee Preventive Treatment will NOT:

  • Stop bees from flying by or through your yard
  • Stop bees from “visiting” or landing on landscaping
  • Prevent ground or tree nests or control existing carpenter bees


Click here to sign up now to have your service before June 15th, for only $216.00 including NYS sales tax.

**There is an additional charge to treat play sets, outdoor furniture, grills (legs only), long runs of fencing and pool decks; all of this will be guaranteed also.**

You can order the Bee Preventative Treatment at any time during the Spring and Summer.

NOTE: The ordinary cost of the treatment ($200.00 plus tax for individual home) INCREASES after June 15th.

Treatment will be done between April 15th and June 15th. We will contact you to schedule your service once we receive notification of your payment. If you are in a Group, we will call you once we have heard from the majority of your Group. If you would like to start a Group in your neighborhood, call us at 454-8672 for more information.

This offer expires on March 17, 2017.


 Take advantage of our Group Discount!

If you have five or more neighbors that would like to have this treatment done, you could be eligible for a discount of up to $35.00 per home! Just talk to your neighbors, and see if they want the same great service, at a reduced Group price.


We are fortunate in Central New York that we do not have a termite problem, but we DO have Carpenter Ants, which can be very damaging to your home.

Exterior preventative treatments are very effective and, when maintained, can prevent an insect problem inside your home.

Just after the weather breaks in the Spring, Ants start foraging for food. Many times when we see ants in our home at this time of year, that is all it is. Unfortunately, any time an insect is getting inside, you run the risk of the ants deciding to take up residence in your home.

Gannon Pest Control offers an Exterior Carpenter Ant treatment that will help prevent the Ants from getting inside. Exterior Preventative treatments reduce the risk of your needing treatment inside your home.

Our Exterior Carpenter Ant treatment is a combination of a spray application as well as a granular treatment. It does not leave any residue on your house or odor around your home.

Spring Barrier Treatments:
The best PREVENTION for pests in your home is with an exterior barrier treatment. No one should be spraying pesticides in your home without an existing pest issue. Exterior preventative treatments are very effective and, when maintained, can prevent an insect problem inside your home.

Click here to use our secure payment service to pay for your Spring Barrier Treatments online!

Take advantage of our Pre-Season Special!

  • If you sign up for Bee Preventive Treatment and prepay online or by mailing us a check by March 31st, your additional items, such as playsets, outdoor furniture, etc., will be treated at no extra charge! Click here to sign up now to take advantage of our Pre-Season Special!
  • Have five friends in the neighborhood? You can qualify for a group discount when we treat for your homes for Bee Prevention on the same day! Group Service cost is only $178.20 with NYS sales tax. Click here to sign up to take advantage of our Neighborhood Group Special!
  • If you are having your windows washed, please schedule the windows for AFTER the Bee Preventative Service. Power Washing, staining & painting need to be done BEFORE the Bee Service.



  • If you request the Bee and Ant Prevention at the same time, you can save 50% off the cost of Gannon Pest Control’s Exterior Ant Treatment. Our Exterior Carpenter Ant Treatment, which is normally priced at $190.00, is offered for $95.00 if you get the treatment done with your Bee Preventative.